Our clients sometimes need an alternative to training and hiring senior staff to manage the circulation function, whether short- or long-term.   Erazmus Custom Circulation Management offers a customized circulation management solution for each of our customers, including controlled and paid circulation (and combinations of the two).  Emphasis is on circulation planning, circulation quality, and growth — with attention to the special opportunities within each market segment.

We have experience with BPA and ABC audit rules, as well as those publications unconstrained by those strictures.  These have included consumer, business, association, membership, controlled, free and nearly every combination of these categories imaginable.

How we work:

Building a magazine is a creative effort and the quality and accuracy of the editorial effort drives all the other parts of the enterprise.  Circulation certainly relies upon that accurate focus to develop its messages and plans — and to achieve its results. 

In turn, the circulation effort is a creative one as well — creating expectations, building a market, and maintaining a community of relationships.  We will provide a comprehensive circulation management solution for you, but the work is intimately connected with the other work that you do and reflects the quality of those efforts.

Our objective is to create an efficient and effective circulation management and marketing function that is scalable, robust, and data-driven.  We look to this functional area to enhance relationships with subscribers, enriching their relationship with your organization, and to generate relationships with like-minded paid subscribers to increase the reputation and reach of your magazine.

The functional scope of the work is circumscribed by your budgets, your customer service policies, and the specific data requirements for measurement by your audit service (if any) and our own requirements for our circulation development activities.

Specifically, the scope of our work often includes:

  • Fulfillment Operations:
  • Reporting:
  • Newsstand/Bookstore Management:
  • Circulation Management:

If not specifically stated, the scope of the work always includes:

  • Promotion to potential and existing subscribers
  • Audit qualification of subscribers, if required
  • Direct mail creative conceptual design and copy direction
  • Systems design and integration with your systems
  • Management of fulfillment and customer service
  • Print Order and mailing preparation
  • Analysis and reporting design and implementation
  • Other duties as opportunities arise and as agreed upon

Please contact us for more information or for a specific response to your questions.

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